The Great Global Unity Rally

Unity Globe

Citizens of all political stripes across the United States and around the world are fed up with elected officials at all levels of government who are only concerned with satisfying their voracious donors’ needs and desires.

We are organizing a global rally in all major cities including Washington, D.C., New York and Los Angeles, London, Paris, and Rome as well as state capitols and towns and villages of all sizes. These collective rallies will be non-violent and non-partisan. We will, through our united expression of frustration, make clear to these politicians that we will be heard.

We welcome all to participate with us. Everyone who does choose to participate will be encouraged to wear an identical T-shirt or Sweatshirt to show our unity. This website will provide an opportunity to purchase the Unity Shirt to wear on that day.

We hope that each of you who purchases a Unity Shirt will not wear it until the day of the Global Rally so as to not dilute the impact of in excess of a million people joining together, in identical shirts, to express our slogan.

We recognize that it will take time for us to receive, produce and distribute that many Unity Shirts so we urge everyone to order as early as possible.

We believe that a show of unity will enhance our impact and the proceeds of sales of Unity Shirts will help offset the costs of organizing of the various rallies, including the securing of rally permits. In addition, those who purchase Unity Shirts will be added to our mailing list to receive information about the exact time and locations of rally sites and interim updates as well. The plan is to coordinate all sites on a global basis so that they all occur simultaneously for maximum impact and media coverage. Speeches and locally organized protest activities will be central to getting our message of frustration across.

The exact date will be determined to be certain that legislatures will be in session and thus will be on a weekday. We hope that the import of the day will encourage maximum participation even if it requires taking a day or a few hours off from work.

Anyone willing and able to assist with local organizing, or with increasing our rally participation numbers, such as group leaders, should contact us directly at

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